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How to Tell if There Is a Problem With Your Foundation

Spotting the initial warning signs of foundation issues can prevent problems that could cost thousands of dollars to fix. The sooner these problems are identified, the less expensive, and easier it is to resolve them. As the leading provider of foundation repairs in Cherry Hill, NJ, we’ve created this piece to help you spot the signs that the foundation of our building needs repairing.

Indoor Warning Signs

Although houses settle over time, if you spot any of these warning signs, it means that your foundations could use a professional inspection.

  • Doors are jamming, or latches are starting to fail.
  • Cracks are appearing in walls, above doorways, in windows, or where ceilings and walls meet.
  • Windows that used to open with ease suddenly start to stick, or fail to close correctly.
  • Cracks appear in ceramic or vinyl tiles that cover a concrete floor.

Outdoor Warning Signs

Outside your property, double-check the foundation of your building is straight by sighting the wall length from each corner. Walls should be straight, both horizontally and vertically. If they look wonky, use a level to measure them efficiently.

If you notice a curve or bulge in poured concrete walls of block foundations, this could mean that the foundation has moved, or that the soils surrounding the foundation are contracting or expanding, creating pressure against the walls.

Check Structural Components

Foundation systems are complex, and they are not limited to the perimeters of your foundation wall. Check your basement or crawl space for concrete supports, piers, or posts. Any posts that you identify should be straight and placed firmly beneath the beams that they support. The bottom part of these support posts should rest securely on the concrete piers.

If you notice that the framing is wet or spot any puddles, check for any rot by probing wooden posts with an awl or a screwdriver. Any signs of dampness or moisture in a crawlspace indicate flooding or inadequate drainage. Check that your gutters are working efficiently and are not blocked. Also, make sure that any soil slopes away from your foundation at the rate of six inches for every ten horizontal feet.

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