About Us

A Davis Brothers truck in front of the official Davis Brothers building, with a sign that says "We Are All In This Together."
The Davis Brothers are Family Owned and Operated. We are 5 Generations of dependability. We have been in business for 50 years, even as far back as our Great Grandfather working in the Coal mines of upstate Pennsylvania. Chris Davis is a proud owner that works side by side with his wife and sons in the family business. The goal of our business is always achieving the best quality of workmanship and dependability to our customers. We stand by all our guarantees and will always show up when promised. From the friendly voices in the office to the men on the job site, we consistently strive for superior customer service. We are rated A with the BBB and A with Angie’s List. We are fully Bonded, Insured and Licensed.
A Davis Brothers family photograph, featuring three adult men with their arms around each other and one small boy holding a football.
The Davis Brothers have been keeping families safe from the dangers of chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. Very often, homeowners appreciate the benefits of a warm, crackling fire in winter months, but don’t always understand the importance of regular chimney cleanings. This neglect can be extremely dangerous, allowing soot and creosote to build up, and leading to potentially hazardous chimney fires, carbon monoxide poisoning or allergy related health concerns. At Davis Brothers, we feel it is our obligation to use the best tools and technologies to keep your family safe, well and comfortable.