Chimney Repair

The Davis Brothers Chimney Sweep and Masonry are experts in Chimney Liners. Your Chimney Liner is absolutely critical in the safety of your heating system. Most masonry chimneys were built with an inner liner of clay tiles. Chimney liners may also be constructed out of a cast masonry mix, aluminum or stainless steel. The purpose of this liner is to keep the hot gases inside the chimney so that it does not overheat and ignite the combustible material nearby, such as the framing and walls of your house. Any openings in the chimney liner can potentially cause serious problems. Our Company have been repairing and replacing Chimney Liners up and down the Cape May and Atlantic coast for over 50 years.

A technician standing on a roof and examining a chimney. His head and upper body are almost inside of the chimney.Clay tile liners will definitely crack and break down over time, letting in moisture that will cause structural problems. The sulfur in smoke can also mix with moisture, causing a corrosive reaction that can eat small holes in metal liners. To keep your chimney safe, it is critical that you have a secure inner lining system to keep carbon monoxide, moisture, creosote, smoke and other dangerous products from seeping through the bricks and mortar and leaking into your home. The staff at Davis Brothers will get the problem fixed immediately with our 24-hour emergency Service.

Sometimes, this inner liner was never installed or, perhaps, has deteriorated over time. If you notice that your chimney is not pulling smoke up and out of your home, this could be an indication that there is a problem with your chimney liner. If you notice that your fireplace is especially smelly, this may also be an indication that creosote is building up too quickly, which can be a sign of a problem with your liner. Count on the staff at Davis Brothers to properly diagnose the problem and fix it with the peace of mind that your family is safe.

Whether you need to add a chimney liner that was never installed, replace an improperly installed liner or rebuild a liner that has been damaged or destroyed, Davis Brothers Chimney Sweep and Masonry can help. We will rebuild your liner using the highest quality stainless steel chimney liner material, leaving you with peace of mind, knowing that you can safely enjoy your chimney for years to come. All Stainless Steel liners come with a Lifetime Guarantee. Proudly Serving Cape May and Atlantic County for all of your chimney and masonry needs.