A close-up of a brick chimney on the roof of a house.

Why You Should Include Chimney Sweeping in Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

With spring right around the corner, we can finally look forward to getting outside, being active, and breaking our cabin fever. While the onset of warm weather brings out joys such as sunshine, outdoor recreational activities, April showers, and cookouts, there exists a task that’s on top of most homeowners’ to-do list — spring cleaning! Soon we’ll be turning our heat off entirely and opening some windows, and most won’t even think about the fireplace until the fall when the chilly weather returns.

As a trusted provider of chimney cleaning near Voorhees, NJ, Davis Brothers Chimney Sweep & Masonry understands it’s imperative to include your chimney and fireplace in the list of things to take care of as you dive headfirst into spring cleaning. Here’s why:  

Early Bird Gets The Warmth

Don’t get waitlisted! By scheduling your chimney inspection during the spring, you’ll beat the rush of homeowners getting their chimney looked at in the fall — while you sit back and enjoy your fireplace that’s been ready to go for months.

Wake Up And (Don’t) Smell The Chimney

Fireplace inspection and chimney sweeping are excellent first steps in combating any smell issue, as it removes excess creosote and rules out additional common problems that may cause a foul odor, such as organic material or waste.

Troubled Waters

Your chimney’s bricks are porous, meaning water and moisture can penetrate and pass through them. This process causes deterioration as a result of prolonged contact with water. During particularly harsh winters, bricks can quickly deteriorate when exposed to the freeze/thaw cycle. If water seeps into your masonry, it can end up cracking and shattering. A professional can recommend a chimney cap that allows rain to roll away from your flue opening or waterproof your chimney.

A Whole Different Animal

Some animals are known to find themselves stranded after falling into a chimney, while others use them as a sort of nesting shelter. Either way, this leads to unwanted items becoming lodged in your chimney, including leaves, branches, waste, and even carcasses of those who were stranded.

We often find that chimneys need repairs after winter, whether minor or extensive. By having your chimney swept and inspected during the spring, you can reap the benefits of identifying problems early on — or prevent them from developing entirely—long before the cold season returns. For more information about chimney sweeps near Cumberland County, contact Davis Brothers Chimney Sweep & Masonry today!