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What Should I Do With My Chimney and Fireplace During the Summer?

Summer is here, and we’re excited about getting outside and enjoying the warm weather! As you resume your favorite seasonal activities, it’s imperative to stay on top of elements of your home that may slip your mind as the weather gets hot — like your chimney. Even though you may not gather huddle up by the fire during the summer, you should still take care of certain chimney and fireplace maintenance tasks to ensure the system is ready to fire up again come autumn:

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Why Is Chimney Lining Important?

If you have a chimney in your home, then you probably understand its importance. A chimney allows smoke and toxic gases from your fireplace, furnace, or stove to escape from your home safely. You may also know that Atlantic County chimney liners require regular maintenance to keep them working optimally and ensure that they last a long time. An intact chimney liner is an essential part of this maintenance process. 

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Why You Should Include Chimney Sweeping in Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

With spring right around the corner, we can finally look forward to getting outside, being active, and breaking our cabin fever. While the onset of warm weather brings out joys such as sunshine, outdoor recreational activities, April showers, and cookouts, there exists a task that’s on top of most homeowners’ to-do list — spring cleaning! Soon we’ll be turning our heat off entirely and opening some windows, and most won’t even think about the fireplace until the fall when the chilly weather returns.

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How to Tell if There Is a Problem With Your Foundation

Spotting the initial warning signs of foundation issues can prevent problems that could cost thousands of dollars to fix. The sooner these problems are identified, the less expensive, and easier it is to resolve them. As the leading provider of foundation repairs in Cherry Hill, NJ, we’ve created this piece to help you spot the signs that the foundation of our building needs repairing. Continue reading

What to Expect From a Davis Brothers Chimney Sweep Service

Autumn is a busy time of year for chimney sweep and masonry professionals. This is because many homeowners want to protect their buildings from the looming winter weather. As the leading providers of chimney cleaning and foundation repair in Cherry Hill, NJ, we want to explain to our clients what they can expect from professional chimney sweep services.

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Davis Brothers Remind Customers to Schedule Fireplace Maintenance

It’s officially winter, and many homeowners will be relying upon their fireplaces to keep their homes warm as the temperatures decline. For this reason, and many others, fireplace maintenance is essential to avoid house fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, and improve air quality throughout your home. As the most reputable fireplace sweep in Cape May County, NJ, we want to share some tips on why fireplace maintenance is so essential.

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Why Chimney Inspection Is Important in the Fall

Summer’s now long over, and winter is on its way, which means we’re close to another season of fireplace usage. However, to use your fireplace throughout the colder season with peace of mind and confidence, you’ll need professional inspection and cleaning. Why wait until winter starts? As the leading provider of chimney cleaning in Cherry Hill, NJ, we recommend getting your chimney inspection over and done with during the fall. There are a few good reasons to do this.

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The 5 Most Common Chimney Problems

The idea of chimney repair may not have been on your mind during the summer months, but it is essential to be aware of any potential problems that may not be obvious when you and your family huddle around the fire. We are here to offer a wide variety of services that includes planning, sweeping, and foundation repair in Cherry Hill. We will be able to identify these common problems and let you relax by the fireplace in your safe, warm home.

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How Do I Know If My Chimney Needs to be Repointed?

Chimney repointing enhances the durability of a chimney by correcting damages while helping to protect against water damage. This service gives chimneys a fresh makeover and reinstates the structural stability and strength at the same time. As the leading provider of chimney pointing in Cape May County, our team of masonry professionals is passionate about finding affordable solutions for our clients. Continue reading