A team performing chimney pointing.

What to Expect From a Davis Brothers Chimney Sweep Service

Autumn is a busy time of year for chimney sweep and masonry professionals. This is because many homeowners want to protect their buildings from the looming winter weather. As the leading providers of chimney cleaning and foundation repair in Cherry Hill, NJ, we want to explain to our clients what they can expect from professional chimney sweep services.

At Davis Brothers Masonry & Chimney Sweep, we offer the following services:

  • Stone repair and placement
  • Stucco repair and installation
  • Concrete repair and masonry
  • Foundation repair
  • Basement waterproofing
  • Outdoor fireplace construction and repair
  • Outdoor kitchen construction

Booking an Appointment

When scheduling an appointment with a chimney sweep, you may be given a generic time, such as between 9 am and noon. If you don’t receive confirmation the previous day, we recommend calling them back for approval.

Don’t build a fire in your fire area or wood stove for a minimum of 24 hours to allow it to lower in temperature before the appointment. It can be frustrating for a chimney sweep to arrive at a customer’s house ready to work and find the fireplace area is too hot to service.

Make sure you’re home at the appointed time and wait.

Years of Experience

At Davis Brothers Masonry & Chimney Sweep, we have years of experience and knowledge in creating masonry and stucco repairs for outdoor fireplaces and chimneys. We use high-quality materials that last for years and years. Additionally, all of our work comes with the guarantee and knowledge that we are a 5th generation company with hundreds of satisfied customers behind our business.

Loose Bricks, Stones, or Cracks in Mortar?

If you identify any loose stones, bricks, or cracks in your Mortar, our team of trained technicians can inspect your chimney and recommend the best action to get it fixed and looking great once again. Our team is dedicated to customer satisfaction. Matching your existing Mortar, and making sure your chimney looks like it did it its original form.


All of our chimney sweeping and restoration work is completed following local and state building codes. We’re fully insured, and you can rest in the knowledge that your stack will be aesthetically beautiful and functionally safe when our work is complete.

Spotting Dangers

Your chimney sweep may use a specialized camera to inspect the interior of your heating system and flue area. These inspections sometimes reveal dangers that could be potentially hazardous. We recommend that you take any advice offered by your chimney technician very seriously, it could save lives.

For more information, or to schedule stucco repairs or maintenance in Atlantic County, NJ, click here to contact a member of our team today.