A large crack in cement.
Myths About Foundation Repair Every Homeowner Should Know

Common myths about foundation repair can make it a horrifying experience when homeowners descend into their basements and find a crack running across their concrete foundations or horizontal cracks in foundation walls. If you plan to sell your home or buy a new one, these cracks can cause enough dread to keep a deal from closing because of the fear of a lengthy home foundation repair process. So what are some of the myths about foundation repair, and are they issues you really need to worry about? Let’s consider some of those repair myths and see how a more accurate approach to them may impact your view of home foundation repair. Continue reading

A crumbling brick chimney on the roof of a house.
The Dangers of Crumbling Chimney Masonry

Having a chimney in your home is a great benefit, as it helps keep your home smoke-free and keeps your air fresh. Plus, it can even add aesthetic value to your home! However, if you’re a homeowner with an older chimney, you should keep an eye out for the possibility of your once-pristine chimney masonry starting to deteriorate as it ages. Crumbling masonry is one of the biggest risks associated with older chimneys and can lead to a number of safety hazards. Here’s what you need to know about crumbling masonry and how Davis Brothers Chimney Sweep and Masonry can help. Continue reading

a red ladder leaning against a red-brick chimney
4 Reasons Your Chimney May Be Leaking

There’s nothing quite like relaxing near the fireplace — especially when winter arrives. Your chimney is vital because it provides appropriate ventilation for the fireplace. 

However, your chimney can sustain damage throughout the year due to all types of weather. Water leaking from the chimney is a common problem with fireplaces and one that can be tough to catch until it’s too late. If you notice water damage to your ceiling, it’s a sign that your chimney needs repairing. 

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chimney cleaning logs burning in the fireplace
Can Chimney Cleaning Logs Replace a Professional Chimney Sweep? No — And Here’s Why

Homeowners thinking about chimney maintenance are always looking to find shortcuts to make cleaning and maintenance less of a hassle. In recent years, chimney cleaning logs have become a more popular alternative to hiring a professional chimney sweep based on promises of the same level of clean at a fraction of the labor. 

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discolored chimney
Identifying and Fixing Chimney Discoloration This Summer

Do you cherish your chimney and fireplace for their cozy winter warmth, or do you barely notice these parts of your home? Regardless of how much you know about your chimney system, chimney damage can lead to serious problems, up to and including chimney fires, exposure to toxic carbon monoxide, and more. Even if you never use your chimney, keeping your eye out for chimney problems can save you from many different safety issues.

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raInwater coming out of downspout
How Summer Storms May Be Damaging Your Chimney

Do you enjoy using your chimney and fireplace to stay toasty when it’s chilly outside or for roasting hot dogs and marshmallows? If you said yes, do you remember the last time you booked chimney repair or service? Our professional chimney sweeps in Cape May County have found that most homeowners are unaware that their chimney systems need regular service and maintenance (and in fact, even if you just use your fireplace to enhance the curb appeal of your house, if you have a real chimney, this still applies to you).

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person cleaning chimney
Coming Clean: Signs You Need a Chimney Sweep

It’s not easy to keep up with all the recommended home maintenance tasks you’re supposed to do. Some tasks, such as washing the siding or edging the flower beds, can be put off indefinitely for the busy homeowner or renter who doesn’t have time to spend on curb appeal. However, some home maintenance tasks are a matter of safety rather than aesthetics. One of these safety-related tasks is scheduling regular chimney cleaning. Keep reading to learn about the signs you need your chimney cleaned.

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A chimney with a blue sky behind it.
What Are the Common Signs of a Chimney Fire?

A chimney fire is a serious problem that you might not realize you’ve had or are having until it’s too late. Even if the fire happened in the past, the damage done to your chimney might affect its structural integrity as well as its functionality. Learn about the common signs of a chimney fire to keep your family and home safe — and when to contact emergency chimney repair professionals.

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creosote buildup in pipe
Creosote in Your Chimney: Causes, Dangers, and Next Steps

Creosote is a highly flammable black or brown residue that accumulates inside a fireplace and chimney due to the burning wood. Creosote can be hard, sticky, drippy, rusty, or fluky depending on several factors, including the wood type and stage of buildup. All forms of creosote pose severe dangers to a home due to their highly flammable nature. Leaving creosote to build up in your chimney and fireplace substantially raises the risk of fires within.

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