Masonry Chimney Repairs

When you’re cruising through Cherry Hill, NJ, with the windows down, what are the most noticeable features that stand out amongst the homes you pass? Sure, summer lawns sport fantastic plants and winter windows show off spectacular light displays, but year-round your chimney is a distinguishing dimension of your Medford, Cinnaminson, Delran, Morristown, or Voorhees, NJ home. Not only does it stand out physically as a prominent structure, but your chimney serves a powerful purpose: It provides proper ventilation to keep your family safe while you warm up the house.

However, this important part of your property is vulnerable to disrepair. When your chimney is cracked or the stonework is faded and chipped, Davis Brothers Masonry & Chimney Sweep can come to your residence and perform professional masonry chimney repairs. Call us at 609-241-8512 to ask about our foundation repair services or to schedule a chimney pointing or cleaning today.

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Do You Need Masonry Chimney Repairs?
Your Cumberland County, NJ, chimney takes quite a beating from the harsh elements: From extreme temperatures to damaging storms pelting rain and snow down on your house, a chimney must withstand the relentless onslaught of Mother Nature. Not only can the weather degrade the quality and appearance of your chimney over the years, but a shifting foundation can wreak havoc on its structural integrity.

Throughout the seasons, the foundation in any Cape May County, NJ, home will contract and expand according to temperature and pressure changes. When the foundation moves, it can be detrimental to your Atlantic County, NJ, chimney. Ugly cracks that spring up seemingly out of nowhere detract from the beauty and value of your home, as well as endanger those inside. A faulty chimney can redirect smoke back into the house, and it can also pose the risk of collapsing at any moment.

Brick pointing and masonry repairs are something that you must expect when you own a chimney; it has to be done right or you will be paying to have it done again very shortly. We have been repairing chimneys in Atlantic County, Burlington County, and Cape May County for over 60 years. Our company is composed of only the most skilled in complete masonry specialists available.

Stucco and Masonry Chimney Services

When you first begin to notice that your chimney bricks are starting to flake or mortar is falling out, you should have your chimney evaluated as soon as possible. Oftentimes, stucco and masonry chimney repairs can be done for a very reasonable price. We offer free estimates, so you’ll never have to guess how much one of our services cost.

Once a chimney has become too damaged, the structure should be partially or completely torn down and rebuilt. If the deterioration is remedied quickly, the life of your chimney is extended and you will be saved from considerable expenses.

We do stucco and masonry chimney repairs in the following areas:

  • Atlantic County, NJ
  • Cape May County, NJ
  • Cumberland County, NJ
  • Burlington County, NJ
  • Cherry Hill, NJ
  • Medford, NJ
  • Voorhees, NJ
  • Delran, NJ
  • Morristown, NJ
  • Cinnaminson, NJ

At Davis Brothers Masonry & Chimney Sweep, we have a wealth of experience and knowledge in making stucco and masonry repairs for chimneys and outdoor fireplaces. We only use high-quality materials that will last for years to come, and all of our work comes with the peace of mind that we are a 5th generation company with hundreds of satisfied customers behind our business.

If you have loose bricks or stones or cracks in your mortar, our trained technicians will inspect your chimney and recommend the best method to get it back into working order and looking crisp and clean once again. We take pride in making sure that you are completely satisfied with our work. Our staff will expertly match your existing mortar, making sure that your chimney looks exactly as it should: without any noticeable places where the mortar was replaced.

All of our work will be completed in accordance with state and local building codes, so you can rest assured that your chimney will be both functionally safe and aesthetically beautiful when the work is complete.

At Davis Brothers Masonry & Chimney Sweep, we perform the following services:

  • Stone repair and placement
  • Stucco repair and installation
  • Concrete repair and masonry
  • Foundation repair
  • Basement waterproofing
  • Outdoor fireplace construction and repair
  • Outdoor kitchen construction
  • And more

The Davis Brothers will be glad to help with any flue repairs or installation that may required for your chimney. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an inspection, please contact our office at 609-241-8512.