wood-burning fireplace

Wood-Burning Fireplace Maintenance Tips for Winter

Having a fireplace can undoubtedly improve the look and feel of your home. Fires can provide natural and cozy warmth that will boost your home’s welcoming atmosphere. To keep your fireplace working efficiently and your family safe, you need to maintain your wood-burning fireplace. Here are some tips to follow:

Fix Gaps in the Firebox Brick Mortar

The constant expansion and contraction of materials due to extreme heat will cause gaps in the firebox brick mortar. When fire finds a path through the gaps, it may end up burning the structural elements of the house. In essence, you should fix the gaps to keep the fireplace in good shape and protect your loved ones.

Clean the Interior

When you burn wood in your fireplace, there will be a deposit and buildup of dirt, ash, dust, and creosote. Cleaning the fireplace’s interior will make it look presentable and ensure it burns more efficiently. Failure to get rid of the buildup will see the fine particles being transmitted in the air, a factor that could result in various air-borne diseases. Keeping the area clean will also reduce the chances of your fireplace catching fire.

Burn the Right Wood

As a homeowner, you need to know the type of wood you are burning in the fireplace. Hardwoods deliver more heat and burn longer than softwoods. They also have less pitch and sap, a factor that reduces the amount of smoke produced and creosote buildup. You may also want to avoid burning garbage, rubber, plastics, and painted wood that can produce toxic gases.

Watch for Smoke

Smoke making its way back into the home is a warning sign that your chimney is dirty and needs to be cleaned. In addition to watching for smoke, you should also look for and manage soot to prevent fire outbreaks. Lastly, remove creosote, the flammable substance caused by incomplete combustion of wood.

Invest in a Fireplace Screen

Part of maintaining your fireplace involves having a fireplace screen that will help keep your home clean and safe. A glass fireplace screen can help prevent smoke from escaping the firebox, keeping the bricks around the fireplace clean while still allowing heat to pass through.

Inspect your Chimney

Hiring a professional to inspect and repair your fireplace will go a long way in keeping your home safe from potential hazards. At Davis Brothers Chimney Sweep and Masonry, we do fireplace maintenance and repair to ensure you are warm and comfortable when it is cold. 

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