Chimney Crack

What Are the Most Common Causes of Chimney Cracks?

A chimney plays a vital role in keeping your home warm during the winter months. However, a chimney can crack over time due to various reasons. Cracks in a chimney can get worse over an extended period and pose significant dangers. A cracked chimney can eventually collapse, or it may not function properly while heating your home. Contacting professionals to inspect your chimney is essential to staying safe against these potential dangers.

Here are a few of the most common causes of chimney cracks.

Inadequate Construction

Another common reason for cracks in a chimney is due to improper construction. A chimney may eventually begin to lean because of a lack of support, and this problem will only get worse over time. No air space between the chimney and flue lining can also cause cracks in the surrounding brick. Using professionals to repair these construction problems as soon as possible is critical in limiting these damages and keeping you safe.


Moisture that reaches inside of the chimney system can cause a variety of problems, such as creating large cracks in the chimney. Excess water flowing onto a chimney can cause significant problems. You will need to install a ridge structure, also known as a “roof cricket,” to divert excess water away from the chimney.

Strong Winds

The mortar in a new chimney will eventually strengthen over several weeks. However, strong winds can often cause cracks in a new chimney. The best way to avoid this situation is to install steel rods in the chimney structure for additional support. Installing these steel rods is especially important in areas prone to high winds while also giving you peace of mind.

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