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How Summer Storms May Be Damaging Your Chimney

Do you enjoy using your chimney and fireplace to stay toasty when it’s chilly outside or for roasting hot dogs and marshmallows? If you said yes, do you remember the last time you booked chimney repair or service? Our professional chimney sweeps in Cape May County have found that most homeowners are unaware that their chimney systems need regular service and maintenance (and in fact, even if you just use your fireplace to enhance the curb appeal of your house, if you have a real chimney, this still applies to you).

If you’ve been missing out on regular chimney service, there are several factors that might be doing hidden damage to your chimney and/or fireplace, and one of those factors is summer storms. Read on to learn more about the problems summer storms can cause for your chimney — and how to protect your chimney from these problems before this summer even begins!

High Winds

High winds can structurally stress even the strongest masonry chimney as they push against bricks and mortar over the years. While a well-made chimney won’t suddenly blow down, the high winds that come with summer storms can cause erosion of bricks or stone over time. For instance, if there are any holes in your chimney, no matter how small they are, wind entering the chimney can cause pressure problems in the lower areas of your chimney or in your fireplace. 

Flying Debris

Speaking of high winds, there’s another summer storm danger to your chimney that’s very related: flying debris. Tree limbs whipping around during heavy summer storms can pose a serious threat to your chimney. Severe winds can even rip trees from the ground by their roots and send them careening into your home — and right into your chimney. Even if you think no damage has been done after the sun comes back out, the structural integrity of your chimney may have been compromised without you even knowing it.

Heavy Rains

Water and your chimney don’t mix. While even an ill-fitted chimney cap can keep out some moisture, if it’s been a while since you’ve contacted a chimney professional for chimney cleaning, you should make sure the cap is still doing its job. Even short-term exposure to water inside the chimney itself can cause masonry damage, and enough water damage in your chimney threatens the entire structure of your home. A well-fitting chimney cap prevents water from getting in entirely, so it’s worth it to give our certified chimney sweeps a call to make sure yours is attached snugly, and there are no risks of water leaks.

Thunderbolts and Lightning

An unusual but possible reason you may need chimney repair after summer storms is damage from lightning. While it is incredibly unlikely that lightning will strike your chimney, it is still a summer storm factor that can cause damage to the chimney. 

Worsening Existing Damage

When your chimney is damaged, it becomes a ticking time bomb for leaks, mold, mildew, and even structural issues with your home. The mildest summer storms can be an issue if there is existing damage to the chimney. It is in your best interest to look into repointing a chimney that has been compromised or otherwise harmed in the past so you can make sure no structural damage is done to the building during future weather events.

For Professional Chimney Service, Call On Davis Brothers!

The best way to protect your chimney from summer storm damage is by making sure you have your chimney inspected and cleaned at least yearly by professionals. Our certified chimney sweeps take pride in ensuring the long-term health and safety of your chimney and fireplace. Notice something unusual or concerning going on with your chimney? Don’t hesitate to call if you suspect something needs repair. We’ll be happy to provide service for any and all of your chimney needs, so get in touch with us today!