How Do I Know If My Chimney Needs to be Repointed?

Chimney repointing enhances the durability of a chimney by correcting damages while helping to protect against water damage. This service gives chimneys a fresh makeover and reinstates the structural stability and strength at the same time. As the leading provider of chimney pointing in Cape May County, our team of masonry professionals is passionate about finding affordable solutions for our clients.

What is Repointing?

Repointing or tuckpointing is a process that helps to renew the outer parts of mortar joints. Over time, chimneys become increasingly exposed to various external elements. This makes the structures prone to damage and decay. Unfortunately, these damages can cause voids and gaps to appear between units of masonry. If these gaps let water into your chimney, they can cause a myriad of problems for homeowners.

When Does a Chimney Need Repointing?

Whenever you start to notice cracks appearing on the outer surface of your chimney joints, you should contact a masonry professional to schedule an inspection. Once a crack appears, no matter what size, the chances of water entering the fixture become incredibly high. To save money and damage to your property, we recommend contacting the team here at Davis Brother as soon as possible.

What Does the Chimney Repointing Process Entail?

Chimney repointing starts with the removal of all damaged pointing materials. We usually remove slightly more than or equal to the joint area. This is so that we can apply a more significant amount of new bonding materials that are stronger and more durable to the chimney structure. We carefully remove old mortar, ensuring not to damage the overall chimney structure. 

Poor repointing jobs can result in raised mortar joints and cause a feathering of the mortar edge. This can lead to increased erosion in the future and is aesthetically unpleasing.

Here at Davis Brothers, we’ve been repointing and maintaining chimney structures for over five decades. Our reputation for professional quality work and excellent customer service precedes us as we continually strive for greatness. For more information, or to schedule chimney pointing services in Atlantic County, call us at 609-241-8512, or click here today.