The Benefits of Tuckpointing Your Chimney

Tuckpointing is a critical procedure to preserve the life of a chimney, which is why we offer chimney pointing and repointing services, in addition to foundation repair in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. There are many benefits to performing timely tuckpointing to lengthen the life of your chimney, of which we’ll detail a few in today’s article.

How to Point a Chimney

The idea behind tuckpointing is the removal of damaged mortar and replenishing fresh mortar to the joints. Tuckpointing a traditional, red brick chimney involves only a few simple steps:

  • Filling in mortar in the newly routed grooves
  • Routing or grounding out the old mortar at a standard depth
  • Filling in grooves with a mortar color that matches the original mortar on the outside of the building

The Benefits of Pointing Your Chimney

There are many benefits of Tuckpointing your chimney beyond just the aesthetic. Here are a few points that tuckpointing can help with:

  • The prevention of mortar joint corrosion.
  • The structural stability of the chimney is restored. The failure to repair mortar joints results in a significantly weaker chimney structure that will eventually begin to lean, and in the most extreme cases, collapse.
  • Tuckpointing helps prevent water from seeping into the chimney system. Without proper mortar joint functionality, water can enter the chimney and come between the flue lining and the chimney itself. Moisture has the potential to do serious damage that can remain unseen without the help of a professional. Mold, mildew, and rotting wood can be the result of water damage in a chimney. This moisture can also cause the wallpaper and ceiling around the chimney to become stained.
  • Having a chimney pointed is much more cost-effective than a complete rebuild. Tuckpointing allows you to avoid that expense while effectively sealing your chimney from water.
  • Tuckpointing restores the chimney’s masonry materials to their original condition.
  • When your masonry is in top condition, the value of your home is significantly improved.

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