The 3 Foundational Parts of Your Home that Need Regular Maintenance

We’ve all heard people say something like: “you need to have a good foundation before you can succeed.” Of course, these people could be talking about a variety of things: work, education, etc. But the most literal thing that people need a good foundation for is their home.

We can all agree that the strongest part of your home should be its foundation. If a house is built on a weak foundation, everything built on top of it is at risk of collapsing. Most people don’t think about the current condition of their home’s foundation, especially if their basement is finished, but it is essential to check up on to ensure its quality. We offer foundation crack repair in Atlantic County, NJ and the surrounding areas to help people make sure that their home is built on a safe and solid foundation.


One part of your home that you wouldn’t always consider to be part of your foundation is your driveway. Just as other parts for your foundation, your driveway can be a strong point of support for different parts of your house. If located close enough to your home, a crack in your driveway could split down to the original foundation walls and cause a more significant issue than expected. Having a professional come out and treat the cracks in your driveway is vital in ensuring that the break hasn’t seeped into the foundation.


Your chimney can pose similar issues to your driveway in the way that it may affect your foundation. If there is a crack close to the foundation, it is possible that the crack has extended, moved into the foundation, and caused a larger issue. Stopping a fracture problem before it gets bigger should be the focus of your concerns, as a large, foundational crack could mean massive repairs.

Chimneys have another possible issue, though. If the chimney’s foundation begins to go to shambles, the rest of the stack is at risk. Ensuring the structural integrity of your chimney is important to extending the life of your chimney and avoiding substantial costs later on.


Your basement is your foundation. People don’t always remember this, taking their man cave for granted. Checking the basement’s foundation for cracks should be done fairly regularly. If you notice any cracks, call Davis Brothers Masonry and Chimney Sweep at 609-241-8512. The sealing of large cracks, hairline cracks, and refinishing foundation walls should all be done by professionals to ensure that your home is not at risk for extensive amounts of structural damage.

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