The Importance of Servicing Your Family’s Fireplace This Spring

Though it may seem like fireplace maintenance in Medford, NJ should be on the bottom of the list of priorities for New Jersey homeowners as we enter into the warmest months of the year, there is no better time of year to service your fireplace or chimney than immediately following months of usage.

Rather than putting it off until just before next winter, we’d like to tell you why it’s in your best interest to enlist our experts to come out to your property sooner rather than later. Whether it be for a routine annual cleaning, or your fireplace requires immediate repair services, we have helped discover hidden damages and help keep families safe with fireplace maintenance in Cherry Hill, NJ for over 50 years.

With our annual chimney sweepings and fireplace repair services, our experts are able to:

  • Discover any cracks or leaks that have resulted after regular fireplace usage throughout the cold months of fall and winter.

If a crack has formed and is either not known about or is left unmanaged, a relatively easy fix can ultimately lead to water damage of your home, which will be far more expensive of a project to take on down the road. The quicker we find cracks or leaks in chimneys, the better off your home will be.

  • Remove the dangerous build ups of soot and creosote inside.

After months of daily usage, fireplaces and chimneys accumulate the buildup of toxic chemicals and fire byproducts. Not only will excessive soot and creosote create an undesirable smell throughout your residence all year, but high levels of these hazardous materials can also clog a chimney and cause quickly cause fires and health risks in your home.   

  • Detect any property damage or potential fire hazards to reduce the risk of a possible house fire.

Whether it be loose stones, decayed concrete, or a significant crack in the foundation, damaged fireplaces with compromised structural integrity can quickly turn into a disaster for a homeowner and their family. Not only is a damaged fireplace at risk for shifting or collapsing, potentially harming individuals within the home, but if a fireplace is not functioning correctly, a house fire is likely to occur during future usage.

Trust The Family of Fireplace Experts

Our mission at Davis Brothers Chimney Sweeps and Masonry is to ensure the safety of each customer that we have the pleasure to assist with fireplace maintenance and repair. We deeply value our customers and even offer a complimentary chimney inspection when you have us come out for service.

To schedule a consultation, give us a call today at 609-241-8512, or by filling out a contact form through the website.