The 5 Most Common Chimney Problems

The idea of chimney repair may not have been on your mind during the summer months, but it is essential to be aware of any potential problems that may not be obvious when you and your family huddle around the fire. We are here to offer a wide variety of services that includes planning, sweeping, and foundation repair in Cherry Hill. We will be able to identify these common problems and let you relax by the fireplace in your safe, warm home.


Other than firewood, there may be objects lodged in your flue that could result in chimney fires, improper smoke ventilation, and carbon monoxide entering your home. These could range from soot build-up to birds’ nests. If you do not have one, investing in a proper chimney cap and chase cover would prevent outside blockage.

Creosote Buildup

Creosote is a substance released from burning wood that clings to the lining of your flue. It can be identified by its black and brown color, and varies in texture depending on its severity. It builds up over time and poses a hazard as it is highly combustible and may cause a chimney fire.


Various issues go beyond what you may be able to determine with just a flashlight. Take a look at this infographic for common structural problems:

Cracks in the Flue

The flue is crucial for the overall safety and performance of your chimney. Intense heat, wood deposits, and natural wear and tear can damage the flue liner over time. There are various tools a professional may use to make repairs in one afternoon.

Cracked Chimney Crown and Cap

The freeze-thaw damage from harsh year-round conditions may cause your chimney crown to crack, and you may not even realize it. It may lead to more severe issues, such as the rooftop masonry breaking off of the rest of the chimney or cause thousands of dollars in water damage. It is also essential to make sure the chimney cap is not damaged, as its cage-like design allows smoke to leave your home and prevent outside material like branches, birds, and leaves from becoming lodged near the crown.

Your chimney should be cleaned and serviced annually, so why not go with the best? For foundation repair in Voorhees, and get your fireplace ready to keep you warm safely and efficiently all winter long, contact us today.