3 Safety Tips to Remember When Using Your Fireplace

As much as we all love to sit, unwind and relax by the fireplace, it is important to remember all of the essential safety tips that homeowners with a chimney fireplace should follow. Accidents can happen at a moment’s notice. When dealing with fire, it’s important for homeowners to know what to do if an accident should come about.

At Davis Brothers Masonry, the top choice for foundation repair in Voorhees, NJ, and other local areas, we provide tips so that people can safely enjoy their chimney. Here are some tips for burning wood in your fireplace responsibly:

Smoke Detector

All homes require a working smoke detector, and for a good reason. If you notice that your smoke detector isn’t working because of bad batteries or another issue, it is important to make sure you get it working again as quickly as possible. Accidents can still happen even if your chimney is clear and clean. A smoke detector can quickly alert you of any accidents if you aren’t in the same room as your fireplace.

Don’t Put Anything to Close to the Fireplace

It is important to remember and respect the heat of your fireplace. Placing anything near your fireplace can be dangerous, even more so if anything is combustible. Many accidental home fires start due to something near the fireplace catching fire and spreading to the rest of the house. Do your best to create a good buffer zone for your belongings before they go up in smoke.

Never Leave Your Fireplace Unattended

When you know you aren’t going to be in the same room as the fireplace for any prolonged period, then you should always put the fire out. While it is safe to just run up or down the stairs quickly to do something, we never recommend leaving your fireplace unattended for an extended period.

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