Chimney Maintenance & Installation

Flue Repair

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends that every chimney and vented heating appliance be cleaned and inspected each year. This includes both gas and wood stoves, pellet stoves and all kinds of furnace flues. Even if you don’t use your chimney very often, it’s important to make sure that the structure is safe and sound. In the long run, regular chimney inspections will save you time and money as well as add to the value of your home. The Davis Brothers will clean your chimney liners from top to bottom. If you live in Atlantic, Cape May or Cumberland County please call for your FREE Chimney Inspection with All Chimney Cleanings.

With regular chimney cleanings and inspections, you can:

  • Remove smelly creosote from your chimney flue
  • Reduce your risk of a chimney fire
  • Detect potential fire hazards
  • Remove flammable creosote buildup
  • Discover leaks and water problems before they cause extensive or expensive damage

Davis Brothers Chimney Sweep specializes in cleaning your chimney in accordance with the highest industry standards. Our highly-trained chimney technicians will thoroughly clean and inspect your chimney while treating your home with the utmost care and respect. Davis Brothers Chimney Sweep & Masonry technician will place drop cloths to protect your floor and furniture and use a clean HEPA vacuum filter to keep dirt and debris from your chimney out of your home. We will sweep your chimney to clean out creosote buildup, as well as clear blockages from your liner, smoke chamber, fire box and damper.

chimney cleaning cherry hill njWith Davis Brothers Chimney Sweep, you will have the confidence of knowing that your chimney is safe and you’re ready to relax and enjoy your fireplace. You can live with the comfort of knowing your chimney was cleaned and inspected for fire safety.

If you are not sure that your chimney needs cleaning, then call us for a thorough FREE chimney inspection. It’s all part of our fireplace and chimney services here at Davis Brothers Chimney Sweep and Masonry to make sure your Chimney Liner is in safe working order. Sweeping Chimneys for over 50 Years in Cape May Atlantic County and Cumberland County.